The Miku Skin from the Miku Lover himself.

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About Skin.

39 has a DAW-looking aesthetic, similar to that of software like FL Studio, it also features many analog components such as:

And other types of analog buttons

I consider this skin to be special (guess why) and I'm very proud of it, as it took several iterations to get to this result. So I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Introducing Modules.

The most important thing about 39 is the Modules.

Modules are basically alternate versions of the skin that don't require the user to install a separate skin, it's basically a DLC for the skin!

Check the list of modules below, more modules will be added in the future!

List of Modules:

Suggest a Module


39 is available in a variety of aspect ratios, and can be downloaded from the host of your choice.

It is also recommended to visit the osu! forum post, which is linked below.


39 Default Module.


Assets used on this skin which were not made by me.