About Me

Hello, I’m Xet (pronounced /set/).

I’m a self-taught graphic designer and frontend developer from México who probably likes Hatsune Miku a bit too much.

Most of my design works is comprised of osu! skins that I’ve made for myself and the community, as well as commissions. Besides osu! skins, I also enjoy creating 3D illustrations using blender, and any type design works in general.

In terms of skills, I have 6+ years in Photoshop, as well as about 4 years using Premiere Pro and After Effects, 3 years of experience using blender, as well as 1 year in frontend web development.

I’ve been part of the osu! community since 2020, and basically started making skins since day one.

And there’s not really much else, thanks for taking the time to read this.