About Me.

Hi, My name is Xet (pronounced 'set'), I'm a designer from México who likes to do skins in osu! and just graphic design in general, I also like 初音ミク... a lot.

I have around 5 years of experience with Photoshop, along with 2½ years of experience with Premiere Pro, and blender, and about 6 months of web design and development experience.

I joined osu! back in February 2020, and I've been an active player and skinner ever since, I started making skins in osu! pretty much the same day I installed the game, and my first skin was based in another rhythm game, Cytus II, which I unfortunately lost, however I still managed to salvage a couple screenshots, which can be found here.

After discovering osu! I also discovered many other rhythm games, such as Arcaea, Lanota, and Taiko. I became kinda good at those, and then stopped playing them.

Except taiko, I still play that

And also Arcaea, kinda.

Honestly there's not much else to say about me, if you took the time to read this small wall of text, Thank you!