Who Tao

skinship osu! skinning contest entry.

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About Skin.

An osu! skin based around the popular Genshin character.

I made this skin back in early 2021 for the skinship skinning contest, which ended up earning the 5th place!

This was also my first publicly available skin, but I had started doing osu! skins before that.


Who Tao being my first public osu! skin, didn't have much support for different aspect ratios, so it's only available in 16:9 from the host of your choice.

It is also recommended to visit the osu! forum post, which is linked below.




  • Song Selection Artwork by NIAC
  • Pause Screen Artwork by OKey
  • Fail Screen Artwork by leechoyeon
  • Skip Button Artwork by JION
  • Section Pass Artwork by LOYO
  • Section Fail Artwork [deleted] by leechoyeon
  • Ranking Panel Artwork by 蔬菜サラダ